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Super Power

Super Power is world's first home subscription that transforms your home into an energy factory. With a monthly subscription for sustainable housing technologies, homeowners will reduce their energy bill and enjoy the benefits of living in a sustainable home, without the hassle and upfront investment. 

The technology to fight climate change is there, but why isn't it used by everyone? Our passion lies in this issue and also the start of the social start-up: Super Power.  The problem now is that sustainable techniques are often too expensive and too difficult for Jan and everyone to understand. So who is fighting climate change? A small elite who can afford it. Our impact is of course much greater if we make it accessible to everyone. In the Netherlands alone, we must make 7 million households more sustainable by 2050. This is a huge social problem. So how are we going to do that ?! With Super Power!

We are the integrator in the market. We combine different sustainable technologies, like solar panels and smart appliances, and offer these to the customer into one package. So forget about your old energy bill, and say hello to the Super Power subscription: living as a service.

The residential subscription is a membership in warm air, hot water and light. Compare it with Spotify or Netflix, instead of music and films you will receive a durable, comfortable home with us.

It's very simple. With a push of a button we make the house of you or your parents more sustainable. We install the required sustainable technologies in 1 day, which are leased. From that moment your parents pay a fixed amount per month that is lower than their current energy bill.

We have been realizing our dream since 2018. We started at incubator Yes!Delft with research & validation process to raise funding for a first pilot house. We are looking for social capital. In the meantime, we have had a first customer for practical experience and have won several pitch competitions. For example, we won the All Energy Day, STUD Dragon's Den Battle and were nominated as one of the three start-ups from 359 entries for the Energy prize during the Sustainable Tuesday in The Hague.

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