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Waste or Compost?

The living coffin is now on display at the Cube Design Museum and Dutch Design Week 2020. Feed the living coffin by showing up at the live stream at the right time. If the camera detects a human at one of the many feeding hours. It will start feeding the living coffin via an algae based solution, which we know she loves. 

We live in a world where a dead tree has more value than a living tree. What if we no longer work with dead materials, but with living organisms? Imagine breathing homes, self-healing T-shirts and living coffins.

My name is Bob Hendrikx, I am an inventor, architect and biodesigner that is exploring a world in which our everyday objects become alive. The first step into this new world was below my feet this whole time. Underneath the forest floor lives Mycelium the -root network of mushrooms- known as the world's biggest recycler.

Continuously transforming dead organic matter and pollutants into fresh plant food that allows new seedlings to flourish. This is our opportunity to become part of nature's wonderful closed loop system. I have designed and grown a living coffin made from mycelium that does not pollute the soil but enriches it. Are you waste or are you compost?

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