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Studio Hendrikx is exploring a living future. What if our everyday products are alive? We live in a world in which a dead tree has more value than a living tree. Let's change that.  

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We believe in fundamentally transforming the relationship between humanity and the natural world by collaborating with living organisms.


Ziemia / Soil by Vizuza © 

From Dead Materials
To Living Organisms. 

At Studio Hendrikx, we aim to shift from using dead materials to living organisms, envisioning a future where planted homes, living coffins, and trash eating bins become a reality.


What if our every day products are alive?

Studio Hendrikx strives to turn humans into a positive footprint species by expanding imagination and exploring living design.

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Sea anemones play a vital role as recyclers in marine ecosystems. Even in our ‘gray’ North Sea, the beautiful Beadlet Anemone can be found.

The colorful
creatures of the grey
North Sea.


While moss aims to grasp our attention, we have been ignoring its ecological value. We have built cities that exclude nature. But what if we empower nature?

biodiversity in
the city


Shedding light on the hidden power of nature in the Royal Palace of Soestdijk where one of the oldest organism empowers us to purify the air we all breath. 

The lungs
of the Dutch

Feed your
home while
watching netflix. 

Homo Natura:
Truly becoming part
of the ecosystem. 


Studio Hendrikx is a design studio led by Inventor, Architect & Biodesigner Bob Hendrikx. The team consists of designers, engineers and scientists who focus solely on collaborating with living organisms, hereby striving for a new fundamental relationship with the natural world. 

Studio located in Delft, The Netherlands

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