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Living Bin. 

With over 1,000 colorful species across the ocean floor, sea anemones play a vital role as recyclers in marine ecosystems. Even in our ‘gray’ North Sea, the beautiful Beadlet Anemone can be found. With its long arms it reaches for new nutrients. While sea anemones attract waste from the ecosystem into their inflatable bodies, humans tend to transport their waste around the globe. Research has shown that in some cities the annual collection and distribution of our waste is equal to six times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Why do we drive trash around the city?

In nature, sea anemones feed on animal & plant waste, bacteria can eat plastic and mycelia has shown to neutralize heavy toxins. If we could learn to collaborate with these intelligent creatures of our planet, it would allow us to process waste locally while restoring native ecology. Imagine ecosystems specially designed for regional waste challenges: Living Bins that eat our trash. Be wondered by the generosity of the natural world. And never take out trash.

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